A cybersecurity expert demonstrates vulnerabilities in a Dominion voting machine in a courtroom, using a Bic pen and a smart card to show how votes can be manipulated. A judge and legal professionals observe the demonstration.

Shocking Revelation: Proof of Voting Machines Rigged for the 2020 Election?

The 2020 U.S. presidential election was marred by numerous allegations of voter fraud, particularly involving Dominion Voting Systems. Despite extensive investigations and audits debunking many of these claims, recent developments have reignited concerns over the integrity of voting machines. Let’s delve into the latest findings and their implications for the upcoming 2024 election.

Recent Findings and Evidence

Demonstrations of Vulnerability

In a recent federal trial in Georgia, cybersecurity expert Professor J. Alex Halderman demonstrated that Dominion Voting Systems machines could be hacked using simple tools like a Bic pen and a smart card. Halderman showed how votes could be manipulated, raising significant concerns about the security of these machines. However, he emphasized that while these vulnerabilities exist, there is no evidence that they were exploited to change votes in past elections. Georgia has yet to implement security patches for these vulnerabilities, which will not be in place until after the 2024 election​ (WDBO)​​ (Courthouse News)​.

Audits and Investigations

Numerous audits and investigations have repeatedly confirmed the accuracy of the Dominion voting machines. In Antrim County, Michigan, a forensic audit initially raised concerns, but further investigation revealed that the issues were due to human error rather than software glitches. The Michigan Secretary of State and Attorney General both stated that the correct results were always accurately reflected, dismissing allegations of systemic fraud as baseless​ (FactCheck.org)​​ (The Dispatch)​.

Legal and Political Implications

Ongoing Lawsuits

Legal battles over the security of voting machines are ongoing. In Georgia, the Coalition for Good Governance has sued to replace the current Dominion systems with hand-marked paper ballots, arguing that the machines are not secure or reliable. A federal judge acknowledged the vulnerabilities but did not mandate a switch to a different voting system​ (Courthouse News)​​ (ajc)​.

Election Security Measures

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has identified vulnerabilities in Dominion machines but noted that these are common in all voting systems. The agency stressed that standard security practices and diligent application of mitigations can prevent exploitation of these vulnerabilities. Despite these findings, election officials face challenges in maintaining public trust and ensuring the security of the voting process​ (GovTech)​​ (CISA)​.


While the recent demonstrations of vulnerabilities in voting machines are concerning, it is crucial to understand that no votes have been proven to be altered in past elections. Election officials and cybersecurity experts continue to work on addressing these issues to ensure the integrity of future elections. As voters, staying informed and relying on verified information from credible sources is essential to combat misinformation and maintain confidence in the electoral process.

For more detailed information on this topic, visit sources like Courthouse News Service, FactCheck.org, and CISA.

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